25 May, 2017

Tickford’s rollout of personalisation products for Mustang owners continues to grow with the release of the Tickford Mustang Sport Suspension package for the current GT and EcoBoost variants.

The package has been set-up by Tickford to maximise performance and comfort for Australian road conditions.

Tickford engineers believe they have achieved the optimal balance between handling dynamics and ride height compliance, resulting in a 25mm drop, giving the Mustang a purposeful and aggressive look that enhances the coupe and convertibles muscular body lines.

The Tickford package consists of monotube strut coil-overs at the front and monotube dampers and springs at the rear.

Tickford CEO Tim Edwards said the company’s engineers wanted to continue Tickford’s history of tuning high-performance Fords for local conditions to ensure the best solution for Australian Mustang owners.

“Tickford has a long tradition of engineering performance vehicles for local conditions and development of the Mustang Sport Suspension Package continues that lineage,” Mr Edwards said.

“We have invested considerable time and resources into perfecting a ride and handling package that is specifically tuned for Australian roads.

“Customers kept telling us they wanted to achieve a lowered stance but didn’t want to compromise on ride quality and handling, a tough ask that our development team relished.

“The result of their hard work is a suspension tune that retains manufacturer levels of ride quality while improving the driving dynamics in real world situations from the twisty roads of the Australian alpine region to bumpy suburban city streets, making it a great all round package.”


Mr Edwards believes the company’s continual push for compliance delivers customers the total package.

“Peace of mind is one of the key reasons our current offerings for Ranger and Mustang have been so successful and our Tickford Mustang Sport Suspension package continues to deliver this to our customers,” he continued.

“As with Ranger, we have gone the extra mile to have our full Mustang ride and handling set-up, including the 20-inch Wheel and Tyre Package, independently tested to meet the relevant industry standards used by vehicle manufacturers.

“In doing so, we give our customers the assurance that what we have developed not only performs at the highest level, but also passes the most stringent independent tests.”

Tickford’s Mustang Sports Suspension Package is $3990 including fitment and is backed by the company’s 12-month product warranty.

Tickford Modification Centres are open in Melbourne and Sydney, with fitment now also available in Brisbane and Tasmania.