Tickford Ranger Carbon Tipped Exhaust

Tickford is continuing its mantra of ‘your vehicle, your choice’ with the addition of exhaust-only packages to its Ranger and Mustang performance component lists, providing customers with a further level of personalisation.

Tickford’s Ranger personalisation packages were launched last October and while its performance exhaust formed part of the tough truck’s powertrain package, it was not offered as a separate item.

The Tickford-developed system is a 2.5-inch, side-exiting catback stainless-steel exhaust, complimented by unique dual carbon tips to provide strong visual cues.

“Customer feedback on our various Ranger packages was positive after we launched, though a number of potential customers were interested in an exhaust-only option,” said Tickford Director Performance Parts, Tony Harris.

“One of our key brand pillars is to offer customers individuality so we looked into an exhaust-only program and it was possible, so we’ve offered it. Our exhaust will provide Ranger owners with improved driveability plus the added extra of the side-exiting dual carbon tips.

“Adding exhaust-only packages is a real world case of our customers assisting with our development and direction which is part of what we are about.”

Tickford Mustang Rear Diffuser

Tickford is also offering an exhaust-only package for Mustang as part of its new Power Packs for GT and EcoBoost variants.

The Tickford-developed Mustang exhaust is a stainless-steel, mandrel-bent catback with carbon-wrapped quad tips – 3-inch system for GT and 2.5-inch for EcoBoost.

Both Mustang exhaust offerings include the Tickford-developed rear diffuser which neatly houses the system’s quad tips.

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