Tickford’s entry – a standard V8 Mustang featuring Tickford’s 400kw ECU tune – was victorious in the hands of Tickford Racing’s Super 2 driver Thomas Randle at the 2018 Harrop Ultimate Street Car Invitational this past Monday 1 October, 2018 at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

The event consists of a number of key events, with the final result a culmination across all disciplines:

  1. Design & Engineering  – judged on the quality and level of modifications, including the engineering and overall integration of unique components into the vehicle
  2. Motorkhana – A timed event designed to test the handling characteristics of the vehicle
  3. Circuit – A timed event based on the quickest outright lap time completed by a competitor on the full circuit

Tickford 400kW Mustang | 2018 Harrop Ultimate Street Car Invitational | Credit: MotorWerks Magazine

Pitted against a variety of standard high performance vehicles, including an Ultima GTR and McLaren 720S, as well as numerous modified vehicles such as supercharged Mustangs and Commodores, the Tickford Mustang came armed with just a few of the available modifications – the new 400kW / 632Nm naturally aspirated ECU re-calibration, Tickford sports suspension and 20-inch wheels and tyres.  And nothing else!

Tickford racing’s Thomas Randle was impressed by his first outing in the car. “The new Tickford 400kW package provides a great entry level for owners wanting to enhance their vehicle and after spending time on the track and doing my first Motorkhana ever today you can tell the effort that has gone into the car by the team at Campbellfield.

“It was really nimble in the Motorkhana and we managed a surprise second place in the morning session. Even though it is set up for the road it handled really well on the track and provided strong and consistent power delivery all day. We managed to improve the times throughout the day and dipped into the 1:48 second lap times towards the end without changing a thing on the car all day long. It never skipped a beat.”

Those consistent results throughout the day combined to result in a lap time only 2.5 seconds off the day’s fastest, and when coupled with the results of the other activities, led to the Tickford Mustang and driver Thomas Randle crowed the overall 2018 winner, while also being the only car and driver combination to hit triple figures.

Tickford co-owner Rod Nash was proud of the team’s achievements.

“It was great to achieve an honestly unexpected result, but the real take out for us is how well the new package performed throughout the day and the fact it drove to and from the track without a single issue. This just goes to prove the hard work undertaken by the team a Tickford to put together a naturally aspirated performance package that many said couldn’t be achieved with this new MY18 Mustang. We are very appreciative to Harrop for inviting us along and it’s a nice little win for the team to take with them as we head to the Bathurst 1000 this weekend.”

2018 Harrop Ultimate Street Car Invitation podium | Credit: Harrop EngineeringThe 400kW Tickford Performance Package is now available through the Melbourne Tickford Enhancement Centre (TEC) and will roll out to other TEC’s over the following weeks.

For more information on Tickford’s 400kW Performance Pack visit: http://www.tickford.com.au/my18-400kw/