Tickford Everest

Improved Comfort & Drivability!

Ford’s go-everywhere SUV is a versatile vehicle built for the everyday needs of the modern world. Tickford, aiming to deliver Everest owners a more refined package, has focussed on delivering a select range of personalisation packages to make life around town or in the great outdoors, that little bit easier. The Tickford Everest delivers improved comfort and driveability all backed by Tickford’s warranty.

Finance is now available.

For more information contact (03) 9300 7100

  • Hi Tickford, Thank you for your time and effort yesterday with the hand over of my Moffat Mustang, the entire event was managed very professionally. I had a fantastic drive back to the winery yesterday afternoon and was extremely impressed with the car. I was lucky to have driven the car a fair bit prior to the upgrades as I can compare the standard chassis with the finished 77 Special and I can tell you the car is a huge improvement. I took it through some good country roads on my way back so I can attest that the chassis feels much more rigid and responsive, the ‘turn in’ is hugely improved and it has lost its mid corner oversteer… and the brake package is just nuts. I didn’t go too hard on the engine but I did find all of the 727 horses briefly a few times and ‘Christ it hammers’!! Please thank all the guys involved in the program on my behalf, the whole package is quite simply fantastic. Cheers Rohan Little
    Tickford Bathurst 77 Hand Over - 13th February 2018
    Rohan Little

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